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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 February 2021: Why brag about love on social media?

You're working well on your empathy


Cancer, your mood is still pretty volatile,  but at least you're aware of it and working hard to avoid giving a rude answer to your partner or kids. You're trying to make the most of those days when optimism takes over, and to just let those days when you're mad at the world fly by.

If you're in a relationship at the moment, you'll repair some recent damage; you're working well on your empathy, getting into the other person's shoes, and trying to avoid their heart from being cracked or broken for no reason. It wouldn't be too crazy to be a little more romantic anyway.

If you're single, you still have a shallow attitude and love to brag about your dates because they're super attractive or renowned. However, your heart longs for something deeper and more beautiful. There's no need to yell out loud that you're in love or exposing your relationships on social media every single day.

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You still have a good professional perspective. The truth is that you can't ever let your guard down, but it won't be as hard to keep yourself afloat. Your optimism will mix in with your inner calling and your desire to do well.

You'll get all bad influences away from you, those that encourage you to take the quickest road through life. You're learning what your mission in this world is, and small daily events and details are pushing you closer to getting it done.

Fight your inner demons hard, those that tell you you're fake or that you don't deserve to succeed. And you should consider going back to school if you've lost track of your career.


Your health is still on the right track and evolving positively; your ability to recover from ailments or illnesses is excellent. Besides, you'll rejoice in having clean, precise thoughts, that will help you save plenty of time.

You'll bring out the rawest essence of your heart, and refresh the hopes of people close around you. You'll give the best advice you've ever heard given to you, and you'll bury away that past you no longer want to reminisce.

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