Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 September: The pursuit for taboo-breaking methods

Your partner will surprise you by suggesting new date ideas


You feel satisfied with what you've got  and don't need much more to fly up to cloud nine. You won't feel at all disappointed about your married life, and passion might be at a higher rate than other times before. If you're thinking about growing the family,  this week could be the best time to do so.

You'll be in pursuit of new methods to break social constructs and taboo. And your partner will surprise you by suggesting new date ideas, carrying fantasies out and making a tangled (yet romantic) mess of the bedsheets.

If you're still a single Cancer, a minor change to your daily life will be good if you want to meet new people. Jealousy will be unimportant over the course of the next few days, and you'll have a clear idea of your current expectations.

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September is coming to an end, and you'll be aware of how time, days and even weeks fly by. How many projects from the list that you set out for yourself in early 2020 have you managed to complete? It might be time to speed up the pace.

You'll learn to appreciate your time in money value; manage it wisely, because sometimes you just let it fly. It slips through your fingers in issues that deserve no bit of your attention, and that's a mistake you must amend.

Financial investments will fall into the backseat, you won't consider them too important. You'll have certain and steady information on your accounts and investments, and you'll rest assured about it. You'll manage to have a realistic perspective on how the situation is.

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You should admit that your gluttony's out of control.  You'll enjoy and rejoice both in sweet and savory treats, and you'll feel particularly tempted to dig into any fish or meat dish where fat floats around freely.

You're aware that heavy meals bring nothing but hard digestions. Go for a healthy, light and varied diet as much and as often as you can.

At least you'll have plenty of energy and you'll feel in shape and in a good mood. You'll be generous to your friends, although you shouldn't commit to what you can't offer.