The Cancer sign circled by shooting stars

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 14 - 20 December 2020: Prove your real talents at work

Do whatever you need to, and a little more if you can


Cancer, you're in for a rough week, because you're not too fond of the Christmas celebrations; typical meals, family meet-ups and drinks with friends will be kind of an uphill battle.

At home, there'll be some dirty laundry coming out, a complex issue that was being covered up thus far. You'll need to get that dirty laundry sorted out in privacy without getting involved anyone who shouldn't be.

If you're single, your love game will be quite a mess. If you're thinking about strengthening a relationship with a proposal at the ready, you won't have enough self-confidence. The romantic ideas flying through your mind get eventually too complicated to put into practice.

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You need to show your talent at work. There's people on your trail ready to tread on the garden you've been watching for years. Do whatever you need to, and a little more if you can, so that the next promotion at the company is completely and exclusively yours.

As far as money goes, you'll be a rebel when it comes to spending; you'll think long and hard about every expense, analyse the situation from a very specific viewpoint that doesn't necessarily correspond to what's really going on, or follow the vision other people have.

You need to know for sure where you're going throughout the week. Some trains will lead you to riches and abundance, while others will make you waste not only your money, but also your time and hopes. Make the right choice before taking the final plunge.


You're losing some of your old-time fear when discussing your health openly. You'll call things by their right name and admit to the ailments or illnesses haunting you with no trace of sorrow or guilt.

There's people who would rather avoid mentioning certain illnesses because they see it as a bad luck omen, but that's absolutely not the case, so there shouldn't be any room for euphemisms.

In order to stay healthy, make sure your activities are carried out in pollution-free areas, especially when it comes to smoke. Your respiratory system will thank you. And for those of you who are starting to get older than most, the stars point out that there's a minor hormone imbalance coming, quite characteristic of your age and circumstances.

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