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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 13 - 19 June 2022

It's time to start setting up preferences, Cancer


Cancer, you shouldn't ever shut yourself off from love. An old story from your past could be warming up, ready to take you with hurricane winds of passion.

This will be inevitably attractive, and you'll soon think that being together again will be nice. Still, you should be careful, and avoid idealising those memories: there was a reason you broke up.


The Daily Horoscope warns that an upcoming trip could mean more expenses. And you hadn't planned for them.

This could happen because your hotel will have reservation issues. To sort it out quickly, make sure you've got enough cash on you. You should be fully prepared.


Your Horoscope suggests that you focus on what's crucial, instead of just the important. Work could be eating you alive this week, and you need to set it all straight.

Prove to your family that, if you're doing so much overtime, it's to give them what they need. And in the long run, spend more time with them.  If you make them feel they're your whole world, they'll see your overtime under a different light.


The Daily Horoscope warns that this is a great week to work on self-esteem.

You'll feel fulfilled and happy due to the circumstances around you. Therefore, the time has come to redirect the good news,  and improve the idea you've got of yourself. And not only that: who you are and what you do too.


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Capricorn & Leo


Sagittarius & Gemini


Leo & Taurus

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