Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 13 - 19 July: Get the makeover of your sweetest dreams

You're increasingly aware of what you should expect in a relationship


You'd like to become a whole new Cancer that leaves fear and uncertainty behind.  Your sixth sense will tell you about the new path you should be treading.

If you're bold enough, you'll go for an attempt at a makeover, or you'll start living your life with the real identity you've got inside, and not the one that society dictates. You want to be the centre of attention, although you'd rather say you're about to finally become the star of your life.

You're increasingly aware of what you should expect in a relationship, and which attitudes should never, ever be tolerated. If you're in love, you'll take the plunge and make your bedroom a shelter of passion almost on a nightly basis.

Your charms as a single Cancer native will be your smile and good mood. Many will feel charmed enough by a complicated romance; for instance, if the other person lives in a far-off city, or if you belong to different cultural universes.

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You won't be too lucky at work,  so you'll have to make your own luck instead!

You'll have schedules which in your opinion are worse than everyone else's, and you'll feel like the small victories of some of your colleagues are much more praised than your greatest hits. Some professional jealousy is coming your way.

Your polite flair will take the wheel, and you'll have to be persistent to be acknowledged for what truly belongs to you.

And now, some good news: you'll get proper financial conditions if you're looking for a new home where you can move, or if you'd like to sell the stocks from an old business where you can no longer put time or work.


You're in for a week filled to the brim with social life.  Therefore, it'll be easier to be tempted by the excess of heavy meals or drinking. Try not to lead a festival life, or your health will pay the price!

And if you've gone through an episode of dizziness or vertigo, you could experience relapse; it wouldn't be a bad idea to see your doctor. Some of you will need medication, and others will make do with some nice massages to rid your back and neck from the terrible knots they've got.