Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 October 2020: You'll forgive your old mistakes

There's some serious attraction inside of you


Cancer, people say that if you want something, you can do it. And this week, you'll do great things you've always wanted to try, because there's some serious attraction inside you, a personal kind of power that easily makes your dreams come true.

You'll get rid of some of your fears and insecurities, admit that you love yourself a bit more, and that loving yourself isn't that bad. There's many good things in life that you could go through. You'll forgive your greatest mistakes, move on and stop disturbing your own mind.

If you're single, your youthfulness will be exquisite. You'll be like a big child over the next few days, putting in all your hopes into every move you make, and you'll pack up with yesterday's hopes again. Still, your line of thought will be too stiff, but if you become more spontaneous, everything will turn out to be so much fun.

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Your work will benefit from many star influences;  that calculated thinking we were talking about in love will be useful if you work in science. You'll be able to find a solution where others have thrown in the towel.

You'll have a good initiative skillset, and you'll be great at finding chances of making progress in your field of expertise. Crossing your arms one over the other and watching life go by isn't your thing.

This week will be perfect to strengthen your latest work bonds; try to be as social as you can. Accept any invitation to a convention or an information lecture gathering; your contact base could profit from it quite a lot.

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Even if your schedule is full to the brim, you need to keep in mind the importance of rest. Remember that, quite often, the best thing before bed is doing intense sport (although others benefit more from a nice, warm bubble bath).

Be more dynamic, find activities that reward you inside and out, and break free from your comfort zone to explore territories that seemed uncharted up to now.

And try to do more things with your family, create special bonds, and stories that you can remember fondly in years to go.