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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 July 2021: You'll be interested in new sports

You'll multiply the emotions of everything that happens in your life

❤️ Love

Cancer, you're a pretty soft and sensitive person. You'll multiply the emotions of everything that happens in your life,  both good and bad. You'll rejoice in the good news of your loved ones, and you'll be upset when you find out they're not okay about something.

You'll become your partner's main source of support, and you'll see they're quieter than usual. They've got plenty of worries in mind, but they don't want to share them to avoid making you upset as well. Stay by their side, give them plenty of love and let the storm pass.

Check your schedule if you're single, and get back in touch with interesting people you've met before. Give a second chance  to that person with whom  you went on a nearly blind date. None of you were okay, but things have changed. Now, the spark your heart desperately needs can ignite!

💰 Money

Many people consider you  a role model at work. Someone strong and dignified, filled with hopes and great ideas. However, they forget you're just another person, who suffers and goes through emotional downfalls.

Over the next few days, you'll prefer to work alone rather than doing a team collaboration. You'd rather deal with tasks that only affect you,  for better or worse.

Don't waste time giving advice to those who refuse to listen,  and let each person learn on their own. You've had to fall yourself plenty of times throughout your career, in order to take flight straight after the fall.

👩‍⚕️ Health

You'll get interested in sports that hadn't called your attention thus far. Especially if there's a risk factor involved (like hang-gliding, for instance), and they let you pour out every ounce of adrenaline in your body.

This won't be the time to quit smoking or take on a diet. Your willpower has seen better. However, don't find shelter in food or addictions when things go wrong. you'll just be brewing trouble.

👍 Tip of the week

In case of doubt, keep quiet

⭐ Cancer celebrities

Your Cancer celebrities for the week of 12-18 July are:

- Jaden Smith

- Patrick Stewart

- Megan Rapinoe

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for the week of 12-18 July are 1, 3, 5 and 54.

🤝 Compatibilities

Here's your compatible partners for the week:

Aries and Virgo in Love

Virgo and Libra in Friendship

Pisces and Virgo at Work

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