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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 April 2021: Your friends' experience is a valuable lesson

It's time to react and look out for yourself


Cancer, the memories of an old heartbreak are coming back to haunt you, despite time having gone by. You're going back to a series of circumstances  that make you think that sad pieces of history will repeat themselves.

It's time to react and look out for yourself. On this second week of April, you could be reborn if you really want it. Get out there and let the universe bring you fresh hopes. You'll find someone who is the embodiment of peace and quiet, and they'll help you escape the world for a moment.

If you're in a relationship, you'll feel bad vibes floating away into nothing. Your heart is ready to love limitlessly, and you'll know how to say the words that will bring together the minor cracks that had come up into your bonds.


Work is giving you a hard time  (just as it does with everyone else, however), and you're considering changing companies, because according to your calculations you could do okay by making a little less money. Before bringing up any job applications, find advice in your group of friends, because some of their experiences could become a life lesson for you.

If you work with kids or elders, your professional life looks interesting. You'll know how to be there through thick and thin if you've just joined a team, or become more involved in shared projects.

Don't trust investments that make you an instant winner; no one ever gives money away just like that, let alone in this day and age. You won't want the remedy to be worse than the illness itself, right?


Don't hesitate to do whatever you want,  no matter how crazy it sounds. Make the most of this week every single minute, because you've only got the here and now to enjoy.

Don't get obsessed with keeping everything under control; be more spontaneous and let friends or family take part in those activities you enjoy so much.

The things you don't like about yourself could be changed with a bit of effort and drive, and hope as the main guide.

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