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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 11 - 17 January 2021: Always try to be the star of your life

You want to make the absolute most of your time


Cancer, you think life flies by too fast not to go crazy from time to time. This week, you'll do what you've been putting off for so long. You'll listen to your heart, it'll tell you what the right path to happiness is.

You want to make the absolute most of your time, because 2020 has been a transitional year in your life (and, honestly, everyone else's). You've learned to take reality as it comes, and you're finally getting the idea that change doesn't happen out of the blue. You need to work hard to make it happen.

Perhaps you've had better times before, but that's no reason to show a sad or surly face. You'll be polite to people around you, but don't forget that you're the only true star of your own life.

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Your sixth sense is telling you there's something going wrong in your work machine. Perhaps your colleague isn't putting in enough effort, or you miss having some more support in the family, who see you like nothing but a crazy person dreaming way too big.

Don't throw in your towel and find some time to create new strategies. Turn down those that you're carrying out right now which aren't profitable for your business. Be more critical to yourself and others, and don't believe the promises of wealth you're made if there's no proof behind them.

You'll be quite smart when trying to find extra ways to earn money. There's definitely something that sets you apart from others which will allow you to reach some extra income. This might be related, for instance, to your artistic talents.


Your head needs to take a small break;  you overthink every single issue that's on your table, and that's why migraines are constant in your life.

Life isn't as hard as you want to picture it. Don't see it like a poisoned apple, but like a beautiful puzzle to play around with. Patience has its rewards, and if you fit every single piece into place, you'll understand.

Some of you might experience mild neck or back pain, which could be soothed down with heat pads or sources.

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