Cancer Horoscope Weekly 2020

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August: Ready for some secret adventuring

You might be able to get a good business deal as far as the arts go


Cancer, you'll become one of the least ashamed signs in the whole Horoscope wheel; this could lead you to flirt with attractive people whose hearts are already taken.  You feel like going a little wild, having a secret adventure that you can't share with anyone.

But here's some advice: careful with games, because you won't always win. Can't you see you could lose so much more than you'd win? Double the discretion just for the sake of being cautious.

If you're free, you won't hurry too much to find your match. You'd rather have fun, go on dates where there's not a lot of commitment involved, and in a way, collect notches under your belt. Despite this, you'll be jealous of some of your friends with steady partners, and you're dreaming about finding something like what they get to enjoy.

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You need to keep your head held high this week. You're an extremely honest person, you've got a positive attitude, and shouldn't let your gossipy (or warlike) colleagues take you into the dark side.

Here's some advice: don't become a silent accomplice to others' misbehaviours. When the truth comes out, you'll all be put in the same zone. No one should think you aren't smart enough.

Around halfway through the week, you might be able to get a good business deal as far as the arts go; if you're an artist, you'll be able to meet good investors that will defend your works. There's also some interesting impact in the world of antiques, jewellery and crafts.

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Take a reading through your insecurities  and find out which comments are usually hurtful; this week you've got a peculiar sense of humour, and your jokes about the physical appearance of some of your friends could beat around the wrong bush.

Under a general scope, over these next few days, you'll manage to sleep well; you'll be very relaxed and won't be too worn out from your responsibilities. You do have to take good care of your stomach though because you're in for heavy digestions (and there could even be issues with passing gases).