The Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 March 2021: Don't toy around with jealousy

Tenderness and good vibes will be in the air


Cancer, if you're married (or in a long-running relationship, no matter if you're married or not), tenderness and good vibes will be in the air throughout most of this brand-new week. To this, you should add a highly charming atmosphere filled with gorgeous sensuality.

If there's any advice to note down, the stars are telling you to avoid playing a double game, and to keep in check whatever jealousy you might induce into your partner with rude attitudes. They're not deserving of such a thing at all, and you're running the risk of breaking their heart and self-love in a brutal way.

If you're free and unattached, there's kind of a light and dark duality. You won't see people's true light, and getting interested in meeting new friends will be pretty hard, perhaps because you haven't gone over your latest heartbreak just yet.

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Over the course of the next few days, you'll feel highly judged and analysed,  but in the same way, you'll think that not many people might appreciate your efforts objectively enough. Your job is your greatest passion, you enjoy sweating your brow to make a living, and this attitude shouldn't be mistaken for arrogance.

At least you'll feel a decent dose of admiration and quiet respect towards people with less power or responsibility than the ones you've got. You'll be taken as a role model or a guide, and that'll make you feel pretty elated (although you'll feel the weight of responsibility as well).

In order to avoid surprises at the start of March, try to have your finances striaght, and get rid of whatever minor debts you've got lying around. It shouldn't be necessary to reach a point where there's a debt collector stepping on your toes.


There'll be external agents trying to bite on your morals, causing you to have a low, blue mood. At least you can rest assured that the week won't be harder than others.

Your health will be pretty okay, although you'll experience minor stomach issues if you eat too much, or if you choose to eat those foods that you know get your stomach turning. Stop thinking that eating healthy is no fun!

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