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Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 February 2021: Practise active listening more often

There's no problem for you to talk endlessly


Cancer, you're whooshing away tension  in your relationships; there's no problem for you to talk endlessly about any uncommon situation, and your partner will embrace your willingness. Keeping up a defensive attitude isn't your kind of thing; if you need to admit to mistakes, you will.

One of the keys the stars recommend over this first week in February is keeping up active listening going to locate any issues in your relationship. Your partner will send them over concisely, so keep track of their suggestions.

You might do well with trying out new activities that tighten your bonds, such as tag team sports, for instance. Make up a team and try to get one another's support.

If you're still free and unattached, you'll be fortunate enough to bump into someone interesting whom you'd known for a while. Fate wants to join your paths together.

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Make notes of your professional ideas.  Sometimes they light up when you're having breakfast, or right before bed. Put into words anything that goes through your mind.

Probably, out of every five ideas, four are crazy and failure-bound, but the fifth is brilliant (pending some polishing, of course).

And as far as money goes, be careful and don't spend too much through phone and online shopping. Use your card only where you get a full safety guarantee, because data theft is quite the norm today, unfortunately.


You need to learn several things in concern to your health. On the one hand, you should remove that mask of shame that stops you from asking for help when it comes to your ailments and illnesses. No one's healthy every single day of the year, and you're no exception.

You'll be quite shy, especially when it comes to disfunction in your genital area, as if it were something extremely dirty and intimate.

Once you've learned to ask for help, let yourself be taken care of and be a good patient, obey your doctor and welcome anyone who wants to help in your recovery.

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