Cancer Horoscope September

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for September 2020: Ignore any and all rumours

You'll work hard at experiencing blissful moments

Love: You'll break ties with monotony

This month is starting off on a good predisposition to listen actively to anyone in need, whether it be your partner, a good friend or any relative. You'll enjoy your supporting time, and your advice will be valuable. If only you applied some of it to yourself to have a calmer lifestyle!

You'll break ties with monotony and you'll work hard at experiencing blissful moments; some projects will succeed, and others will turn the wrong way, leading you into feeling sorrowful or neglectful. Your mood could go up and down, but you're leaving some room for surprises. There'll be days when you can't wipe your smile off your face.

Don't listen to any incoming rumours, Cancer; as far as love is concerned, you should always offer your date the benefit of the doubt. The ugliest truth is something that little people, if any, know for sure.

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Money: Channel your inner impulse

There's a bit of a mess in your working life;  you're more than ready to grow, but you're choosing to tread paths that ultimately aren't that interesting. You're often aware that you're going wrong, but you don't know how to stop in your tracks and correct the misled route.

You'll analyse how much of a professional change you need; throughout the second halfway of the month, there'll be a boost in work mobility. Have you considered moving out into another town to find a better job?

While you're at it, take over that irrepressible desire to spend. More than once, you've quenched that thirsty stress that rules over your life with unnecessary purchases. Try to be less materialistic, both to improve your finances and to live in a more sustainable, environmentally responsible world.

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Health: Fight tiredness

The word 'tired' will come out into your speech all too frequently; you'll feel truly exhausted at many points, won't manage your energy wisely and drain it all away before needed. Other days, however, you'll complain just because you can!

At least, you'll have a good mood that will make you burst out in happiness, and some of your illnesses or ailments will fall into the background. You'll refuse to have your attention stolen away by them.