Cancer Horoscope October

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for October 2020: Find the inner child you used to see

This month was made for you and your personal growth

Love: Find your inner child again

Cancer, this month was made for you  and your personal growth. You'll start doing things you never thought you would, you'll experience situations you'd only seen in books and movies, and you'll forget about some of your insecurities.

You're starting to love yourself better, forgiving some of your past mistakes, and rescuing the inner child you once saw, who had a bag full of dreams and hopes.

You'll do whatever it takes to keep a warm, cozy feel in your married life. But be careful, because external influences could contribute to breaking the balance in the relationship.

If you're single, your romantic life will take a tumble, and your heart could be torn between two or more people without really knowing who's at the top of your interest ranking.

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Money: Flourishing and fresh professional connections

Work will be in a particularly good stage, especially if you're in science. Whatever programs you develop will be in an advantage, and some of you will find new chances for growth where you least expected it.

Whatever professional connections you've recently created will become more real, and projects will be successful.

Despite it all, always stay alert, because no one is going to just place anything on your lap. Set your own pace, don't waste time being lazy, and make critics quiet with strong evidence.

From a financial standpoint, you won't be willing to follow safety advice from your family and people around you. But you actually should, because your hands tend to get slippery with unnecessary spending, and sooner than later, you'll bump into a brick wall of trouble.

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Health: Find new relaxing activities to try

You'll feel particularly interested in relaxing; depending on your current preferences you might be more interested in jogging, doing some yoga or even coloring mandala, which is highly entertaining and increasingly popular.

What's important here is that you find something that allows for a balance between body and mind; otherwise, it won't be too long before your nerves go off rails and your muscles contract with tension.

Try to be more tolerant and warm with your family; they know you love them, but they have to hear it every now and then as well.