Cancer Horoscope November

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for November 2020: Don't let anyone choose on your behalf

There's important emotions coming for your marriage

Love: You'll enjoy absolutely blissful moments

Cancer, it's quite likely that there's important emotions coming for your marriage. You'll experience absolutely blissful moments, but you'll also need to challenge some harsh situations, especially if you or your partner have kids of your own.

If you're single, you'll run the risk of being trapped in a dead end situation; you let yourself be swooned almost unnoticingly, and now you don't know whether you should step on the gas or take a break forever.

Grab the bull by the horns and don't let others make choices on your behalf. Your sixth sense will be running high and will tell you what's best for you.

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Money: Avoid changing your mind too quick

Your mind's a little all over the place,  so what seems to be white today could fade to black tomorrow. That's why you should think through every important choice that might affect your professional life to any extent. It won't be okay for you to think one way, and when your decision is settled into place, you choose to take it back completely.

That's when real trouble could come along, even more so if you're in charge of a team.

This year's making you and many other people crazy. It's hard for you to think about holidays or other big events; you don't know if there's a strong, steady floor under your feet, or nothing but quicksand.

If you need to run negotiations on mortgages or rentals, the stars encourage you to wait until the second half of the month.

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Health: The best at sport competitions

There's no significant planet impact coming for your health. Your friends or family will help you see some of your issues quite clearly, and will provide you with good instructions to make a smart rearrangement of your daily life.

This brand-new month will also be good if there's sport competitions coming, especially when it comes to activities performed individually.

You should trust tidiness at home a little more, as well as cleanliness. Consider moving furniture around to allow energy to flow free.