Cancer Horoscope July

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: You'll want to be the center of attention

You're pulling all the stops to renew yourself inside and out

Love: The pursuit of renewal

You're pulling all the stops to renew yourself inside and out, Cancer.  You'll follow your instincts and many of you will dare to get a makeover and get the tattoo you've always wanted, or you'll try out new and bold haircuts. You're ready to be the centre of attention.

You're more aware of what you want and don't want in a relationship. You'll want your love stories to make progress, and if you feel like they're stuck in a place you'll end them right away. Getting stuck isn't your thing.

Your peculiar and unique sense of humour will open doors for you if you're single. You'll enjoy taking on challenges, and you'll think about wooing a person who is initially very much apart from you, either because you belong to different social statuses, religious creeds or political lines of thought. Some of you will be jealous when you see that your romantic interest has more suitors trailing up behind them.

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Money: Get a load of courage and perseverance

This July, you'll be one of the most injustice-prone signs as far as work goes. You'll have more complicated shifts than usual, or you'll see other colleagues being rewarded for a good job that you started in the first place.

Get your words sharpened and blunt, because you'll have to talk a lot to clear up any trace of shade, and you won't stop until everything's well-compensated and reasoned. Courage and perseverance will be your best allies.

At least you will come out on top as far as certain money-related issues are concerned. You could get a mortgage on excellent conditions, or sell stocks at a higher price than expected.

Health: Watch heavy meals

Heavy meals will be your main enemies this month.  You'll have a bursting social life and dinner parties will line up one right after the other.

What will be your secret weapon to avoid gaining weight? Keeping your mind cool, filling up your eyes and not your stomach, and avoiding sugary or alcoholic drinks.

July will be a month more complex than usual for those of you that tend to fall dizzy in daily situations, like travelling by car. Talk to your doctor if the issue gets worse than usual.