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Cancer Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: You'll rise like a phoenix

Do whatever your heart tells you to every waking hour

Love: Forgive your own mistakes

Cancer, it's hard for you to keep emotions in check.  You've got a charming sense of crazy and you want the brand new year to give you every flavour of love you couldn't taste across 2020.

This isn't the best time for you, but that's precisely why you'll double your efforts to be happy and do whatever your heart tells you to every waking hour. There's no more doing things out of people-pleasing for you anymore!

Some of you ended December at a really low point. Finish the self-destruction process if you will, but make sure you promise yourself you'll rise like a phoenix. In that sense, some of you might even think about going back together with your ex, and you'll do better where you used to fail.

Little by little you're loving yourself more, learning to appreciate yourself, and you'll cease to be your own worst nemesis. Forgive your own mistakes and don't let your past influence your future.

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Money: Someone's letting you down

You feel like someone important to your career is letting you down. Perhaps it might be your business partner, or your family isn't giving you the full moral and logistic support you expected them to.

It's time to map out new strategies to make money. Be more independent and don't trust so blindly any new people coming into your life with promises of successful business ventures (especially if they're linked to speculation of any kind).

Your art or crafting skills could open a new road ahead to make money, or at least some extra cash if you're down in the dumps job-wise.

Health: Watch your existential distress

You keep overthinking things  (and that's why there's that sense of mistrust at work), and you'll end up feeling extremely drained quite often. Watch your occasional existential distress.

Stop looking for answers to questions nobody's even asked first, consider life as the beautiful gift that it is, and not like a rotten, poisoned apple.

Be especially cautious if you've got back pain, and watch your posture when sitting at the computer. Others could feel neck pain instead. If it goes on for too long, get an appointment with a physiotherapist.

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