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Cancer Monthly Horoscope for February 2021: You'll hide behind a frivolous mask

There'll be periods where you're romantic and charming

Love: You'll have a volatile mood

Cancer, your mood will get pretty volatile  over the course of the next few weeks. There'll be periods where you're romantic and charming, and other times when you'll get more surly and brash, and talking affectionately to you will be a mission impossible.

If you're single, you'll have light-hearted, frivolous, shallow behavior. You're keeping that attitude up like a shield, hiding behind a fierce character no one can break. However, your heart wants you to be vulnerable and a little more sympathetic.

As far as married couples go, you could ruin mutual understanding with answers out of the ordinary. Don't let selfishness render you blind, and use shining days to fix your mess-ups.

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Money: Don't let anyone steal your dreams

There's new professional perspectives coming on.  This month will be filled up with signs to help you find your way. Perhaps your true calling, what makes you truly happy in life, has nothing to do with what you've studied or your previous work experience.

Don't let anyone steal your dreams! It's always a good time to do what you want. You've got enough strength to push out any rocks on your path.

If you're bold and brave enough, you'll be able to end certain dramatic life chapters linked to your money and business life; peace and quiet is at close reach.

Health: The number on your scale could get upsetting

With all you've seen, it seems like this month will be nothing but a big, long headache. However, if you've perfectly-identified everything that makes your personal evolution difficult (tension, family drama, bad habits, just to name a few), you'll be able to rearrange your thoughts a little.

You've got your most real self inside you, the kind of individual with all the drive and hopes you need. Be potentially optimistic and you'll close some past wounds once and for all.

The stars point out that at certain times, your gluttony will be boosted and you'll feel insatiable when you sit down at the table for a meal. Don't forget that the scale could make you pretty upset, so you should think about whether it is worth your pain to let yourself go with food.

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