The Cancer zodiac sign with a starred background

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for December 2020: A serious bet on philosophy and religion

This month stars will boost communication and new contact networks

Love: Shatter prejudice for a very merry Christmas

Cancer, this month stars will boost communication  and the creation of new contact networks, including new people that might bring a gust of fresh air into your life. Thus, if you're single, you need to ditch your prejudice if you want to have a very merry Christmas.

In some homes, the skies will cloud up and there'll be jealousy and marital differences, because you're not willing to have your partner find new worlds of their own. You can be so selfish when self-centredness takes over you.

Be a little more optimistic and stop trying to blame people for problems that aren't really there.

You'll pay close attention to your kids' and parents' needs, but there won't be a special talent at gift-giving. You get concerned with it, but you don't pay attention to their hobbies or personal taste.

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Money: Try to be more polite around work

Measure your manners tight, because there'll be weeks where you have a bit of a rude attitude going on. Some of your past mistakes are subtly creeping back into your life to haunt you.

You're ready to challenge any and all professional compositions, nothing will seem good enough, and the demand level you're placing on yourself could be too high.

Try to protect your professional reputation from the damage of untimely comments, because you'll end up regretting it and will leave a dent on your career history that won't fade on its own.

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Health: A strong attraction to intellectual activities

Your social support is a shield protecting you from all evil, and you can get it pretty easily by calling up your friends and family. They'll help you patch up any emotional wound you've got in this month of remembrance for those who are no longer around.

You'll have quite an interest in intellectual activities. You'll read more books than usual, and you'll enjoy talks that revolve around philosophy or religion.

Staying home under a blanket watching moves or shows will be your favourite activity for plenty of days, but you should try to find new exciting hobbies with more interesting final goals.