Cancer Horoscope August

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August 2020: You need to feel some strong vibes

You'll try to just have fun and experience silly stories to tell your friends

Love: Avoid playing the field

Cancer, you'll become a daring sign, lacking any sort of shame (and sometimes even qualms). The stars encourage you to stay away from that person that's leading you into a dangerous game, and possibly behind your partner's back.

You could cut the tension with a knife, and if things stay this way, the secret will come out under the spotlight. You should keep in mind that the walls have eyes and ears, and the other person doesn't have the sensibility you need in your life.

If you're single, you won't think too much about falling in love this month; you'll try to just have fun and experience silly stories to tell your friends, and not much more than that. At least from the outside, that is; as night falls down, you'd make a deal with the devil just to hug someone at night and feel some strong vibes.

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Money: Earn money off of art and antiques

You need to be upfront when it comes to work  and be more honest. Out of your ingenuity, you might look to the side when someone makes moves that fall out of legal boundaries, and in the end, you'll be pointed out as an accomplice. Some people might think you're too dumb, but your wits are actually way sharper.

This August, you'll bump into people working in the field of art and antiques; you'll analyse how far you'd like to invest in any of these areas (always with proper professional counseling, of course).

Keep your property under control. Your slightly sloppy act could cause items of serious value (your car, your phone) break down because they haven't been used right. And one final piece of advice: don't brag about your riches; there's jealous people out there around you who could snatch anything at any given time.

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Health: Watch your digestive system

Over the next few weeks, your digestive system will be your biggest issue; your stomach will hurt frequently due to passing gas and heavy digestion. Trust natural remedies such as chamomile instead of self-medicating.

And be cautious when giving compliments around you, because people could twist their train of thought and start believing you're laughing at their imperfections and insecurities. Think about yourself for once, save yourself from those headaches because you have to justify your words.