Cancer April on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for April 2021: Don't tie your heart down

You'll get a friendly push from the horoscope

Love: Let yourself go a little more

Cancer, you'll get a friendly push from the horoscope to get closer to your romantic interest. Venus will make you feel love in a way you hadn't felt it for long. If you're still single, make good use of that peeking passion to try and meet more people like you.

What's more, you're in luck and all you need is to let yourself go a little more. You'll be seduced quite nicely by someone that fits you like a glove. Let them know you better and don't tie your heart down.

As far as married couples go, you'll be willing to give your partner special help. You're highly appreciative of your relationship and the bonds that have kept you together thus far. Offer them everything they deserve, be a sort of guardian angel for them and help them find their inner diamond.

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Money: Make the traitor drop their mask

There's wolves in sheepskin around work,  colleagues with big, bright smiles and dark intentions, ready to stab not just you, but other people in your team on the back, just to get promoted or find themselves in a better position.

In that sense, alliances will be crucial to make the traitor drop their mask. The truth always ends up coming out no matter how hard we try to hide it off. Even if you feel like there's a hostile environment at first, you'll come out on top.

And if you have days off, you should try to find plans that fit your financial possibilities the best; you won't need to break your initial budget if you're creative enough.

Health: Having some extra weight is no crime

You feel like everyone's telling you to change your looks, and hearing that comment over and over again is starting to wear you thin. It might not be a lot of people telling you this, but you keep hearing it from people you care about, whose criteria are important to you.

Having some extra weight or dying your hair any colour you want is no crime. Do whatever you want, as long as your freedom doesn't interfere with the needs or wishes of the person beside you.

At the same time, you need to work on your self-confidence, and defeat shyness if it's a big communicative barrier for you.

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