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Cancer Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

Who is the best and worst match for a Cancer?

The zodiac astrology has 12 different signs, each unique when it comes to characteristics, traits, qualities, and especially names.  No other name carries as much uniqueness and intensity as Cancer, especially since it is the sign most attributed to feelings, sensitivity, and emotions. It's known to be a generally feminine sign and one of the most sensitive out of all the signs.

CANCER – The Crab

The Cancer horoscope clearly defines the sign as the most sensitive of all the horoscope zodiac signs. The sign's symbol, which is the Crab, is known to be sensitive to outside forces and is known to retreat to its shell when hurt or bothered by external stimuli. They are self-protective and are extremely resistant to changes in their environment, probably because of their exterior hard shell. They can also prove to be quite defensive and are also known for a “wait and see” attitude. They tend to be the masters of “trying to blend in,” not wanting to be the center of attention and try to live in their own little world as much as possible.

As an element of water is known for its unpredictability, Cancer is also well known for being unpredictable when it comes to emotions. Some water bodies are also known to be deep, just as the emotions of the sign can also be deep and sometimes longing.

The crab played a very minor but important role in Greek mythology.  It briefly acted as an additional foil sent by the goddess Hera to distract the great hero Hercules during one of the infamous “Twelve Great Labors of Hercules,” specifically during Hercules' battle with the multiple-headed Hydra.  As a reward, Hera placed the crab's image in the sky as one of the constellations.

The moon is characterized in Cancer horoscope today as being associated with an individual’s emotional makeup. Everything that Cancer  is strong at, like being overly sensitive, maternal instincts, and individuals' inner child, can be attributed to the Moon being the governing planet of Cancerians. The moon also represents vulnerability, which clearly influences the need for Cancer to sometimes try to live inside its own shell, so to speak.

Cancer and Cancer compatibility


The problem with pairing two Cancers is that they have too much in common. They are both too sensitive, they are both too overprotective, they are both too dependent, can both be easily hurt, and none of them tries to interact with the outside world.  Because emotions play a big role in cancer's life, it will be no surprise that feelings will take center stage in this relationship.  Both of them need reassurance and coddling, and both of them also want to take the lead when it comes to dominating the relationship. Their sensitive nature will spell trouble for both of them, clearly because most of the time, it will be their overly sensitive nature and strong emotions doing the talking for them, which can be too strong for both of them to handle at the same time.

The good thing about them being together is that they understand each other perfectly and work with each other to support each other in their emotional trials. They are known to be very emotionally supportive to other people, and they can certainly understand the need for their significant other for warmth and nurturing. Moodiness might also be a serious issue, especially since two Cancer moods might result in the constant shifting of emotional stress, which might turn into another battle of emotions and sensitivity. They both have their own little worlds, and because of this, none of them will ever make an assertive effort to get integrated into the world around them.

Virgo and Cancer compatibility


Out of all the zodiac signs, Virgo is said to be the most compatible with Cancer. Each of these signs loves to dote on one another and would love to fuss over each other every time an opportunity arises. The practicality of the Virgo sees that the emotional nature of a Cancerian to be highly acceptable.  Cancer is known to always wait for the perfect moment, which suites the Virgo just fine because they are over-analytical creatures. They are also famous for being extreme perfectionists. Because of their relaxed nature and need to blend in, the Cancer doesn’t mind at all that a Virgo can take forever just to make a simple decision. Oftentimes it works to their advantage, especially since Cancer clearly wants to make sure that all of their emotions are in check before sharing a decision with Virgo. The emotional responses of Cancer, coupled with the Virgo's analytical way of thinking, unquestioningly work. The need for Cancer for security and reassurance is satisfied quite well by the Virgo’s need to take care and attentive nature. The goal-oriented Virgo will definitely organize and plan the life of a Cancer, especially since the Cancer will always keep his or her emotional tendencies at bay before making any life-altering decisions. This relationship will surely be filled with passion and love for one another.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility


These two signs are known to be overly passionate, and there could never be any passionate pairing than these two signs put together. Cancer  is known to be overly possessive when it comes to relationships, which will be welcomed with open arms by the Scorpio, who is always dominated by their jealous nature.  The need for attention of the Cancer will never put off the Scorpio, which will view this as a sign of loyalty and neediness that assures the Scorpio even more. Cancers are also known for their extreme loyalty, another plus for the Scorpio, who does not want to fight a jealous bout over other individuals. In fact, the over-possessiveness of Cancer will definitely make the Scorpio more secure with the relationship, which will, in turn, leave them free for passionate and expressive love for each other. Together, these two signs can create a magnetic relationship, which is proven true because they always seem to be attached. One main thing to consider is the Scorpio’s love for travel, which will definitely put off the need for Cancer  just to sit back and get comfortable without the need for travel and outdoor activities.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility


The zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer both have a widespread need: to love and be loved. This relationship can prove very harmonious and symbiotic because one’s desires are completely given and returned by the other. They also work well together because they tend to feed each other’s egos. Pisces are known to be very imaginative when it comes to dreaming. Cancer is very good at putting imagination into their actions, so the two of them together are destined to create imaginative things. Being dominated by water elements and both sharing characteristics of being water creatures, they tend to feel deeper than most. They can definitely connect on a profound level when it comes to emotions. They are both very emotional and intensely devoted, which will clearly pave the way to a deep and fruitful relationship without any complications and excess.

Taurus and Cancer compatibility


The need for security and stability is what a Taurus needs in a relationship, one provided for fully by a Cancer. Taureans are natural comfort seekers and creatures of extreme habit, which can easily be provided by the Cancerians’ need to provide reassurances and overly nurturing nature. They also enjoy the delights of staying exactly where they are, usually at the comforts of their home, as Taurus's need for constant grazing is complemented by the over-protective nature of Cancer. The only problem they might encounter is that both zodiac signs can be very possessive and stubborn. This may seem to play on both of their strengths but may seem over the top when emotions start to run slightly higher than usual.

Leo and Cancer compatibility


One has an extremely sunny disposition, while the other has mood swings as often as the clock hand moves. This is a complicated relationship to work with, especially since Leo is considered very flamboyant, needs dominance, and is very extroverted, which are all things that a Cancer  might consider off-putting and weird. Leo might find comfort with the need for a Cancer to overwhelm him or her with a lot of flattery and admiration, but that will be short-lived by Leo's strong emotions and proud nature, which might prove to be too much for a Cancer to handle effectively. Cancer will never agree with Leo's constant need to seek approval and attention from other people, as Cancer really needs none of those things.

Libra and Cancer compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

These two horoscope zodiac signs work on entirely different temperaments and levels. Cancer is heavily dominated by their emotions, while Libra needs intellectual stimulation. Libra can often be cold and calculating, which can be viewed by Cancer  as a lack of care and understanding. Libra also needs a lot of outside and external stimulation, one that any Cancer doesn’t need and would just prefer the quiet comforts of their own home to relax. Libra also has trouble dealing with cancer's possessiveness, oftentimes viewing it as a shackle to their free nature. The need for any Libran to seek attention from friends will leave the Cancer feeling hurt and insecure, which might oftentimes hamper the relationship.

Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Sagittarius can be very blunt and tactless, which can sometimes lead Cancer to get hurt due to their over-sensitive nature. Sagittarius is also very flighty in nature, which will more often than not leave Cancer feeling hurt and wanting attention and affection. A Sagittarius will stir the imaginative cogs in the brain of a Cancer but will often be too impatient to deal with the emotional mood swings of the moody Cancer. Sagittarius is also very faithless and will never provide the security and love that a Cancer is looking for. Sagittarius also loves to wander and explore, while Cancer will always and forever be homebodies.  Also, the over-possessiveness of Cancer will prove to be too much for a Sagittarius and will result in the latter needing to get away, especially from a very needy commitment that a Cancer needs and wants.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

The constant need for unpredictability drives Cancer away because they are very close-guarded and cautious creatures. Aquarians are known to be quick-thinkers, often acting on impulse without thinking about the consequences that might come after, which will leave a Cancerian screaming in horror.  Aquarians are also known to be a loner. They prefer to deal with any situation alone, while Cancer is always in need of closeness and constant warmth in a relationship. The Cancerian will never understand the need for emotional detachment and emptiness of the Aquarian. It is also important to note that Aquarius is the complete opposite of Cancer, so they react to each other this way.

Aries and Cancer compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

These two signs have too many temperamental problems, to begin with. Aries needs the freedom to explore new things and new experiences, while Cancer will never understand the need to be one with nature and is very resistant to change. Aries is firm and aggressive, which will more often than not hurt the feelings of a compassionate Cancer. Aries is also known to have a very playful nature, which will definitely inflame their jealous nature.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility

COMPATIBILITY – Incompatible

Gemini will always be busy with other things, which is why Cancer will always feel neglected.  Gemini is also known to be very unsettled and flighty, one trait that won't sit well with the possessive nature of Cancer. The emotional level of the zodiac signs also plays a very crucial role in the relationship, because while Cancer can be very deep, Gemini likes to keep things on the surface level and will not appreciate the need for an emotional connection that a Cancer needs to feel secure and safe. Gemini also believes in exercising flexibility in their lives, a trait that will never be understood by the overly careful Cancer.

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility


These two signs prove that even though they are almost complete opposites of each other, they might still make it work. Capricorn is overly ambitious and might not find the time to give a Cancer all of the attention and nurturing it needs. They have a lot in common, which is probably why it is still possible to make these signs work together. Although completely different when it comes to temperament, both strongly need reassurance, albeit in very different ways – one is for the benefit of a career, and one is to feel loved and important. They can also be very complementary to each other, or they can be extremely competitive.

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