Cancer Horoscope 2020

Your Cancer Horoscope for 2020

Your Cancer annual prediction.


Nothing lasts forever in life and love;  however, this realistic yet harsh motto won't stop you from having a happy new year in every way you possibly can.

When it comes to couples there's an overall good feeling, and there might even be instances where you'll become inseparable. You'll see your partner as a friend, a source of support, a confidant; the concerns for one another will be fair and balanced, and there could be storms, but you'll know how to handle the dirty laundry.

You'll have a busy social life; you'll be more open to going out in search for love, but that won't stop you from occasionally joining your friends and enjoying some fresh, free air.

If you're a single Cancer, you'll be surprised about the reappearance of a lover; someone who had previously been around will come to see you with intentions that you hadn't even foreseen. And part of their charm lies in their non-conforming spirit. They'll bring a gust of fresh air into your life and you'll start rethinking about some of your principles.

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We've seen that love won't be that bad for you in 2020, but when it comes to money, you won't do that bad either. You're a pretty lucky sign!

You'll take advantage of plenty of opportunities, and you could get a chance to rock the money game with those you've let go.

Walking off the easiest road to get some results will be your best bet, and thanks to your skills (many of which are currently dormant) you'll enjoy a promotion, a raise or any other benefit of that sort.

Your finances will improve when the last term of the year begins, and the biggest issues will revolve mainly around your home. It'll be hard to set budgets that please everyone.


Your health will have one clear enemy in this incoming year: seasonal changes. Going back and forth from cold to heat will make your body go slightly nuts, and that's when you'll be likely to catch several colds and allergy bouts.

Even though there are things in your body you don't like that much, you're fully aware of how privileged you are, in comparison with other people who are having a much worse time.

That's why you'll start considering having a more active life, keeping up your wellness and being in perfect shape. But you know from the start that you won't fulfil that promise and that paying up the fees for a whole year of a gym membership doesn't mean you'll actually show up every month.