Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, October 9, 2020: Don't reveal your work secrets

You'll experience feelings and emotions quite strongly


Cancer, this might be your most sensitive day. You'll experience feelings and emotions quite strongly, you'll rejoice in celebrating the success of your loved ones, and in the same way, you keep getting concerned about their issues.

You'll try to channel everything that goes on inside your heart through love, by giving to people who need it the most. Small but thoughtful gestures will reach their deepest core.

This Friday, you could openly declare your love for the person you like so much that you usually don't look at because you feel shy. Or, if you're already married, why not carry out a vow renewal with your beloved? Let them know that your love is still present, untouched and ongoing.

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Be very careful with information that could be considered a work secret; there might be wolves in sheepskin lurking around, waiting for you to reveal some juicy facts to snatch a big bite off of them.

You'll have to carefully select your friends and confidantes, and learn to keep quiet about what shouldn't be told. At least, for the time being, your lips shouldn't be quicker than your mind.

Why not run an audit in your own accounts? Think about all the small expenses of your everyday life. Don't you think that you could save money when grocery shopping by betting on more economic brands, as well as taking unnecessary sweet treats off of your trolley?

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You'll become dead serious about your looks,  and you'll go for treatments that allow you to bring out your most beautiful self.

That's mighty fine as long as you don't forget to work on your inner thoughts as well, because true beauty lies within.

Stress could affect parts of your life that could get as commonplace as your memory; if you keep your foot on the speed pedal all the time, don't be surprised to see that you've forgotten your house keys, or that you spend all day wondering whether you turned the stove off or not.