Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, November 9, 2020: Open doors to conversation

You'll be setting the right kind of foundations for incoming business culture


Cancer, you'll have a volatile mood this Monday, and it could even be said that you'll be one of the signs with the worst mood. And if you aren't willing to give in some to improve your romantic environment, there could be trouble brewing sooner than later.

Be more cautious, and leave doors open for conversation and second chances. Break your ties with stiffness, and that will keep daily affairs easy and breezy.

If you're single, your star environment won't be too willing to boost patience or good manners, and you'll find it to be quite dramatic that your date comes late, or that they make a gesture or a comment that you consider completely unappropriate.

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When it comes to work, you should learn to look beyond your station, and to think of your company or business as a team. In order for the whole chain to be productive and work smoothly, each of the links should be strong individually, but also able to connect properly with the link before and after them.

If you can help someone who comes in new into your team, go ahead and do it. You'll feel more satisfied, and you'll be setting the right kind of foundations for incoming business culture.

A friend or relative will encourage you to go into unreasonable and even useless spending. You know that the best bet right now is to shop safe and just the essentials, so you'll have to repress your inner shopaholic.

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You're acting like a purifying filter for people around you, and making others empty their issues out when they talk to you. But don't forget that you deserve to pour out your darkest issues from your heart as well.

You'll be able to cleanse and get rid of foul vibes sticking around by having a nice warm bath with rose petals and salts. Your problems will just flow down the drain. Leave your mind blank and feel like a baby inside their mother's warm and comforting belly.

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