Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, March 9, 2021: Time to defeat your romantic fears

Achieve a quick reconcilement you can celebrate


Cancer, take advantage of the chance you have today to achieve a quick reconcilement  you can celebrate in the bedroom. In life and love, no grudge lasts forever as long as we have the intention to fix what's going wrong.

Take courage and make the first move to get closer to your partner. Use every tool in your emotional shed and give in even if you think you're right. Sometimes you need to make sacrifice to keep romance alive and successful.

If you're single, you're way too scared of betrayal and deception. You think this won't be the right time to commit, although you could go on casual meet-ups and find new people.

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If you're persistent and keep working hard, you'll get that deserved success  you're longing for. People won't hesitate to trust you with some responsibilities in your areas of expertise.

Some lucky ones among you could get a crucial call for your career. You'll be offered to take up a fascinating job, although it'll be far away from your current town.

Financially speaking, this will be a slightly more unprotected period than usual. Today you won't be going through a serious financial pit, but you'll see that your income has stalled a bit.


You're starting the week with a whole roster of health-related habits.  You'll bump into an old friend who has greatly improved their looks thanks to healthy habits, and you'll be seriously interested in finding out more.

You'll come to find that if you want it, you've got it. Go on a challenge against yourself and go for it. If that person managed to overcome their illness or improve their physical state, who says you couldn't do the same?

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