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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, July 9, 2020: Use your increasing energy

Venus encourages you to broaden your perspective

Cancer Horoscope Thursday, 9th July 2020
Your Cancer Horoscope for Thursday, July 9, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, Venus encourages you to broaden your perspective of how things are unfolding currently, and if it were necessary, you should take a step back. You'll see that there are some edges that are sharper than they seem, and if you sand them off, the exchange of feelings will become a simpler and more pleasant affair.

As a singleton, you could meet some interesting people through having fun. Why not ask out someone in your social club or the organisation where you help out as a volunteer?

You'll feel kind of sad when you see that some of your closest friends aren't behaving the way you'd like them to. Some of them will surprise you with radically opposing political ideas, and you'll want to drive others far from you because all they'll care about is money.

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Be cautious when managing work time; you're being overly trusting, and in the end, time will just eat you alive.

Find some ways to save up in your everyday shopping trips; if you often have to eat out due to work, you might want to consider bringing a lunchbox from home, instead of going to a different restaurant every day.

Fate is making you meet someone who owes you something. Use that chance to claim what's yours, no matter how long it's been. It might be a bit embarrassing for you, but it'll be even more so for the other person.


Your energy's going up a little this Thursday, but if you don't manage it the right way, it could turn into stress. Do some exercise to get it off your system (and that'll make you sleep better at night too!).

Double your attention if you need to get behind the wheel. You should always be mindful of whatever could happen in roads, freeways and other areas of the like, even if you're an experienced, veteran driver.

If you're exposing yourself to sunlight, use protection, because heat strokes are pretty nasty.


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