The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, January 9, 2021: Live according to your heart's desires

You'll live whatever way you want to without being held back


Cancer, you'll be the main target  of envy, jealous people; you'll be wildly criticised for every single thing you do. Fortunately, comments will slide in one ear and come out right away through the other, without losing your composure at all.

What's more, you'll even shut down anyone who dares judge parts of your personal life, such as the way you live love and sexuality, if they want to use them as piercing arrows. And if they keep pushing, you'll be able to fling back any arrow that flies home twice as strong.

2020 has been really tough on you, and this year, your life will be nothing but yours truly. You'll live whatever way you want to without being held back by the fear of people's opinions. Your heart will always be behind the wheel.

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You'll be highly creative at work!  Your mind is a melting pot where a thousand different ideas are cooking up. Still, you'll have to sift them down into place to improve them. Otherwise, there's just no way you can make them happen.

If you're currently looking for a job, you need to turn around your CV presentation; find out ways to make it more attractive and push it to the top of any other candidates out there.

And of course, be extremely careful with writing and spelling, and don't exaggerate your talents or experience.


Your mood isn't the best it could be right now, but you're letting yourself be loved and embracing the support from loved ones. Say yes to any invitation you're extended, even if the plan doesn't seem too fun at first.

Take the hand of whoever reaches out to you to help, because at least you'll clear up your mind for a good while. And don't feel pressured if you don't do your best; the sun doesn't shine the same way every day!

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