Cancer Horoscope for Tuesday on a universe background

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, February 9, 2021: Always bring your point of view forward

See the grandeur and professionalism that you can bring into any project


Cancer, it'll be easy to feel the tension  in romantic relationships, mostly brought on by jealousy (which is, by the way, completely unjustified). Try not to open Pandora's box here, because there's plenty to lose and too little to win.

Particularly, arguments in front of other people will get pretty nasty, whether these people are your parents, kids or friends; these are generally scenes that should be avoided. Besides, the watchers of your argument will end up judging you and having their own opinion on the matter.

If you're single, love won't call upon the door to your heart; you'll have to go out yourself and find something new. And if there's a previous partner who wants a second chance, you should know it won't go well.

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You'll be way too modest at work,  to the extent that your modesty will actually be counterproductive. You're used to giving others their merit, and can't see the grandeur and professionalism that you can bring into any project.

You should keep something very clear in mind: you'll never shine bright in life if you keep diminishing yourself. Just like one should know how to sell an item in a store, you need to make business with your own talents.

Shush anyone who chooses to speak louder than you do, and fully express your opinion out loud, bringing your valuable point of view into any situation.


The pollution that we're usually exposed to can speed up skin oxidation processes,  and some of you will see yourselves older than expected in front of the mirror.

You should consider getting a lymphatic massage, which will allow you to help get rid of toxins and other body waste, and look much better in your reflection.

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