The sign of Cancer in half a purple circle

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, December 9, 2020: You only reap what you sow

Don't be afraid of showing your authentic self


Cancer, the person beside you will be immensely lucky,  because this Wednesday you'll share with them part of your enormous thirst for life, the one that's running deep under your skin. With you, they'll discover another world where improvisation and magic are king and queen.

You'll need to keep yourself pretty active, and not allow sadness to seep anywhere. Your partner will soon enter the same mood you're in.

If you're single, take off that mask that's making you look like someone you're not. Bring out your love in a silver platter and don't be afraid of showing your authentic self.

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The way you work, your discipline and especially your schedule will be put through some intense scrutiny. In order to make it harder for your enemies to win, always bet on excellence and discretion.

Today, your bank account will be safe. You'll also see yourself being pretty financially fortunate, because your highest expenses will be paid off by other people. Favours and invitations will be the norm, and you'll be able to take a breather as far as personal finances go.

Besides, it's good that people give you some of the extensive attention you've given away yourself before. Isn't there an adage that says you only reap what you sow?


You're taking fear off of your vocabulary. You're loaded up with spectacular strength and energy that will arise some healthy jealousy on your loved ones.

You'll be courageous enough to face that health issue you don't usually talk about (or which you haven't even mentioned to your family, which you'd consider an affront to your privacy).

Besides, the way you'll see reality will be pretty objective, and you'll realise you shouldn't let yourself be taken away by appearance, but by invisible beauty instead.

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