Cancer Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, April 9, 2021: You'll be charismatic and resourceful

You'll meet other people who have unattached hearts


Cancer, it's time to declare war against jealousy.  All it does is fill your relationships with insecurities, fears and bad behaviours. Don't let them suck you or your partner in.

In the same way, you should stay away from those friends who are jealous of your life's positive side. They never have any words of support for you, only criticism shrouded in constructive advice.

If you're single, you'll be charismatic and resourceful, and because of that attitude, you'll meet other people who have unattached hearts too. Join in any plan you're suggested to try out and see the world (while letting it know you better in exchange).


You'll lack some discipline and focus  around work. You can't find a way to go deep into the core of any issue you might encounter, and you waste too much time into overthinking any minimal relevance issues.

At some point you'll talk too much, share inappropriate or untimely criticism, or you'll boost the attitude of a colleague who's the best at procrastination. Remember that discipline is an emerging asset, and that you can't get too comfortable if you want to make progress.

You'll wonder where you're going wrong with your savings, because you can't manage to fill up your bank accounts at the amount you had planned. It might be time to squeeze your budget a bit tighter.


In order to stay in shape, you're perfectly aware of the routines to follow and which foods should be the stars of your diet, so forget about fad diets or products that promise effortless weight loss while eating whatever you want.

It'll do you wonders to do some outdoor exercise at dusk; run around the countryside with your dog, or walk along the shore letting the sea sweep away any trace of darkness engulfing your soul.

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