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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Saturday, October 8th, 2022

Cancer, taking a chance on yourself is usually the answer


Canceryou'll get unexpected news  soon. Although the subject you've been interested in has been ignoring you, you'll make a great discovery. It seems they're crazy about you

Take advantage of this ideal context to suggest a date that will help you to get to know each other better. Don't be embarrassed.

If you're already in a relationship, the best thing to do is not to succumb to the opinions of your family. They want a future for you that you don't even consider as a prospect.

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Cancer, you're going through a difficult period, and all is becoming more and more expensive. That's why you're opting for more creative solutions to make ends meet. Unfortunately, that won't be enough this time.

You're going to find yourself between a rock and a hard place and you'll have to ask your parents for money. You don't like it, but you have no choice; if it's reassuring, you'll be able to pay it back sooner than you think.


The Horoscope advises you to stop daydreaming about that position to which you can be promoted. Yes, it's a unique opportunity that you'll end up reaching one way or another. You have more than proved your worth, but there's still a long way to go.

You'll only achieve this goal by working, not fantasizing, Cancer.


Cancer, lies are a venom that can poison all relationships, no matter how strong they may be. A friend's erratic behavior will trigger your suspicions about whether he or she is cheating on you. Examine each word carefully and you'll find the truth by reading between the lines.


The Horoscope will provide you with a perfect Saturday to regain your natural cheerfulness and good mood, Cancer. You've been missing these two traits badly all week. Surely lots of challenges would have been more bearable for you with a positive attitude.

Better late than never. You can still do a lot for yourself with a big smile on your lips.