Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, October 8, 2020: You'll experience love at first sight

You'll question many elements when it comes to the meaning of life


Cancer, today you're highly likely to experience love at first sight, one of those special heart-clenching moments you always see in movies but never get to live in real life.

This is probably someone from another country who will come around to turn your life upside down. You might hit the wall of the language barrier, are you skilled when it comes to languages?

You'll question many elements when it comes to the meaning of life, and how your heart tells you that the person before you is the love of your life or just a fun fling. For those of you who are currently in relationships, the most important thing is to remember the small things.

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Today you'll experience a series of personal commitments where money is involved.

You'll be proposed to join a fun plan with friends and you won't be much interested; or, you might get involved in buying a gift for a birthday or wedding to which you don't even know if you're invited.

You'll analyze how many hours of work it would take to make that much money, and you'll assess whether it's worth the expense. It's not that you're becoming mean or greedy; you just appreciate your efforts and training too much, and you don't want to throw the results of your work out the window.

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It's hard for you to say no  to certain situations that could eventually harm your health. Addictions like smoking or drinking, for example, or heavy meals. Learn to turn down proposals and don't insist on explaining yourself.

You tend to think of health as an immediate asset, not as a long-term investment. You aren't keeping in mind that, if you take good care of it, you'll end up living longer and better. Every move you make will count.