The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, March 8, 2021: You're getting closer to fall in love again

Bring back the love in your hands


Cancer, outsiders with unclear intentions, for the time being, could cause some trouble in your love life. This might even entail the risk for a break-up in some couples if the relationship was already on a rocky road.

Your loneliness and independence will be boosted and paired up with a lack of communication and a worsening sense of humour.

Your Monday, however, isn't completely shrouded in darkness. Some broken hearts might find time to fall in love again, or bring back the love in your hands if you choose to listen to your partner closer.

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You'll have to keep your eyes wide open to avoid falling prey to scams covered up with good intentions. This is a serious warning: you're on the target of scammers and other people with foul intentions who want nothing but quick, easy money.

Some might encourage you to invest in businesses that will bring nothing but breaking points to your life, or they'll try to sell scraps as if they were precious gems.

In the same way, set your eyes on whatever notes you handle, because you could be given a fake one. Imitations and counterfeit are just getting better every day.


You'll be sharper than steel  in health and wellness, accepting proposals that help you feel good about yourself and turning down those that only aim for short-lived pleasure.

You'll have plenty of spiritual fortitude, especially if you're giving up on an addiction to games, smoking or any other dependence-inducing element. You can get it, so trust your potential.

Tea will do wonders on you; it'll allow you to stay hydrated and reduce your intake of sugary juices or soft drinks.

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