Cancer Horoscope - Friday, January 8, 2021: Smiling is difficult, yet not impossible

Try to get some good company and they'll help you move on


Cancer, as the weekend looms in closer, you're suddenly ambushed by loneliness,  and you won't know where to find the kiss or the hug that brings the warmth your heart needs. There's a series of work and family circumstances around you that have overwhelmed you, and you need a handbook to handle the situation.

Smiling is difficult, yet not impossible; try to get some good company and they'll help you move on. Someone whom you deeply trust will tell you where to aim your course to find the safest landing.

This feeling might go on for days, but don't throw in the towel. If you're in a relationship, your partner will be the bubble of air that will help you get afloat.

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It'll be a pretty harsh day around work, because you'll be constantly late or on the nick of time, and you won't be free from some minor backlash.

It's likely that your current professional hardship stems from a misunderstanding. Express yourself very clearly and listen close to whatever you're being told, even if it means asking the same thing twice.

You'll have to be more honest about your finances; you've got to understand you can't buy just anything you find on sale because it's not too pricey (especially if you don't need whatever item it is). Don't leave your head on the clouds.

You'll need to keep that desire to burn your credit card in check, because you'll be too easy to win over with attractice advertisements and interesting prices.


The cold could turn your day upside down.  Many of you will feel it seeping into your bones, and you'll realise that there's not too many benefits to feeling under the weather.

In order to get all warmed up, tea will be your best friend, and if it's got relaxing properties (such as lime or valerian), even better.

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