Cancer Thursday on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, April 8, 2021: Love-born scars will heal up easily

You'll find someone interesting in your friend circle


Cancer, it's time to double your efforts to have a day filled with raw, intense passion with your partner. Don't let daily issues push your sex life away! If you feel you're stuck in place, consider talking to an expert that helps you find the reason for your lack of appetite when it comes to the bedroom.

If you're single, you'll find someone interesting in your friend circle, and they'll prove to be interesting enough to exchange glances or even phone numbers. Give them a chance and they'll show you they've got a heart of gold.

At this halfway point in the week, love-born scars will heal up more easily, and if you were recently broken up with, you should keep in mind that you're closer to falling in love again.


If you need to go on a business trip somewhere, consider several options both for transport and accommodation; sometimes, going cheap comes at a high price.

Over the next few days, you'll have to hand in ambitious projects, so pay close attention to details and revise your work over and over again, but keeping in mind that you shouldn't obsess over it.

Some lucky souls will receive a nice present by surprise. Someone who loves you dearly has accepted to fund some of your whims. Make note of their gesture and double the love they give you whenever they're the ones in need in the future. And one final note: don't pull out your credit card that often, because there's sure to be surprises later on.


If you want to improve your looks but don't feel bold enough as to get an extreme makeover, why not give your hair some treatment? You'll see a more beautiful self in the mirror, and that will work wonders on your self-esteem.

Avoid unnecessary risks, such as crossing roads through paths with no traffic lights or crossings, and go to bed at a decent time, because the weekend just keeps coming closer.

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