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Your Cancer Horoscope for November 7th

Your Cancer prediction for Monday, November 7th, 2022

Cancer, don't miss today's Horoscope. The most reliable and complete prediction for Cancerians. What are the Stars bringing you? What signs are you most compatible with today? Check it out now!


Cancer, rules are there to be followed. It may be an awkward moment, but you'd better explain to your partner those couple of issues. Take advantage of the peace you'll experience tonight to discuss it tactfully and delicately.

If they don't feel attacked, they'll understand completely what you're trying to tell them.

If you're awaiting the arrival of your better half, you'd do well to think a little more about yourself. They always end up disappointing you because you're not demanding enough.

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Your Daily Horoscope states that the astral aura surrounding the planets will watch over your financial path today. You may unexpectedly receive money. You might finally be compensated for that expensive dinner you paid for a few months ago, or get that bill you gave up for lost.

Save this money for what may happen between now and the end of the year.


Your Horoscope shows that you are at an optimum time to negotiate that promotion. That you do a lot compared to the rest is evident, Cancer. That's why  it's time for you to be rewarded.

Even if you fear the bad mood that your boss sometimes has, if you speak with arguments, you'll convince him. Be firm in your demands and you'll achieve your goal.


Cancer, you may be forced to play the role of a procurer. A pal will ask you to intercede to meet a certain friend in your circle. Don't get too involved, as the matter could blow up suddenly.


The Daily Horoscope suggests going for a run to chase away all those doubts and insecurities, Cancer. Getting your body moving and keeping it in motion, is a great way to distract your mind for a few hours. You have the necessary motivation, you just need to avoid the temptations when you get home from work: the couch, the TV...