Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, November 7, 2020: You'll restore your passion in bed

You want love to be the main engine making your life move forward


Cancer, you want love and details all over. You feel like the star of a romantic novel, and you want love to be the main engine making your life move forward.

If you're single, you'll want love to call upon your door, but also on the doors of all your loved ones. You'll do your best to make affection fly all over the place.

As far as married couples go, you'll give a fresh kind of importance to bedtime. You want to share passion with your partner, find new ways to have some spicy fun, and live out experiences that you thought were only available for a lucky few.

Are you going through a romantic rut? You won't need to pretend like your life's a bed of roses, because unhappy experiences and heartache have also had a part in making you who you currently are.

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At work, you should watch your manners, especially if you work in sales or in direct contact with the public. People can be super sensitive, and if your words are too loud for comfort, you could sour their mood.

Your money's in danger if you keep it in your hands; you were born under a sign that loves shopping all too much, and you could lose quite some money in items you don't need just because you let yourself go from one store into another.

Your mind will be highly receptive to advertising, and you're running the risk of seriously considering you need items that wouldn't improve your life at all.

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You'll do things pretty well this Saturday. You're choosing to take good care of yourself, and keeping some foul influences away from you. You aren't going to waste your time thinking of dark ideas.

Thus, you'll focus on action, avoid being on your own, and enjoy time with anyone who is willing to give you company.

Every single plan will sound wonderful, ranging all the way from going to the movies for a super blockbuster, to having a few drinks with friends (but remember to drink in moderation!).