The sign of Cancer with a purple starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, March 7, 2021: Keep a close eye on your cash

The pleasures of love will be highly sought after


Cancer, misunderstandings of married life will take the wheel. You'll be quite prone to argue, whether there's an objective reason to do so or not.

You'll have to be measured to avoid growing that general conflict environment perceived around you. Fortunately, a friend or relative will help you clear the darkest, stormiest clouds. They'll give you good advice for your heart, and you should take it.

The pleasures of love will be highly sought after if you're single. The truth is that you do miss sweet company when the weekend comes around. You're still on time to have a date, so grab your phone and call away!

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This Sunday could get real long if you've got work to do.  Your to-do list will just get longer and longer, and some of you might have to do overtime to make sure everything's finished by the time it should.

If you're spearheading your own business, all that extra effort will be so much worth it. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll find a blank week ahead, where there's no pending tasks to finish off.

You might be kind of careless about cash, so watch closely whatever change you get at shops.


In order to improve your health, pay close attention to what you eat;  you might be intolerant to some foods, but you haven't realised it yet.

In the same way, try to slow down when you eat. We all have a bustling lifestyle with a foot always on the speed pedal. And you should admit that sometimes you have dinner too quick, without savouring or even chewing through your food, or breathing in between.

The right chewing will help you calm down and lose anxiety. When you eat quickly, you're telling your brain that you're still hungry, despite the fact that you've already got a full stomach.

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