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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, January 7, 2021: Bring out your fierce competitive side

Double your efforts and boost your achievements


Cancer, as the week reaches its halfway point, you're in a pretty steady relationship situation (and that doesn't mean it's boring). Everything's going the way you'd planned it to, but within some room for change. You admit that there might be things escaping your control, and you take on incoming turns of events with a good attitude.

Your partner will suggest that you change some rules that dictate your relationship, but don't answer their concerns too quickly. Read into every pro and con you've got for the situation, because there could be some complexes and insecurities arising if you don't think it through too much.

If you're single, you'll grow tired of pulling out all the stops with your latest fling. You think they should take a step forward and pull their own weight as well.

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You feel you're breaking your own promise and skipping out on some of the career goals you set for yourself a few weeks back, looking towards this year. You've seen that life is still the same, and changing months doesn't imply that things will be easier to deal with out of the blue.

It's time for you to bring out your fierce competitive side. Don't let your rivals step ahead of you on the road to success, double your efforts and boost your achievements. And one more thing: keep lies in check, because you'll eventually get called out if you hide the truth.


Tiredness won't be coming close to you today. You'll have a great deal of endurance and strength to carry out intense activities.

You'll stand out for your selfless kind heart, and many of you will help out people who are sick or in need, without expecting anything in return.

You'll have a bit of a tight schedule, and many of you won't find room to go to the gym, no matter how hard you want it to happen. What you could do at least is try to go up and down flights of stairs repeatedly.

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