Cancer Horoscope for Sunday

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, February 7, 2021: Feelings need daily tender loving care

Let your own reasoning act on its own accord


Cancer, you can see minor breakage  happening in your relationship, a crack that you can't imagine ever forming, but which you need to urgently repair so that it doesn't grow any bigger.

Feelings need daily tender loving care. Don't think that just because you wooed your partner's heart, that achievement will remain untouched through time. Love can deteriorate by a lack of thought or an absence in tenderness.

Let the wind sweep away any toxic arguments or misunderstandings that led you to think about the worst case scenario. Bet on your marriage and your partner and do your part of work to help fireworks flood your bedroom.

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You've got mixed feelings around work.  There's a part of you that encourages you to be more sensible and professional, to achieve a raise or a promotion sooner rather than later.

However, the other part wants to make you waste time, let your colleagues sort out your mistakes and have the day fly by as quickly as possible. How about letting your own reasoning act on its own accord in this specific situation? Your common sense will be key.


Your spiritual side is highly developed,  and today you'll feel the spirit of a relative or a dear friend who departed to the afterlife. You'll remember them through a song, or maybe a scent. You'll feel that, wherever they are, they're still watching out for you.

Your own health won't be your top priority this Sunday; you'll be more concerned with the health of people around you, whether it is your family or even your work colleagues.

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