The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, December 7, 2020: Time to prove you know the way

Your romantic atmosphere is filled with promises and surprises


Cancer, if you're single, you'll be the main attraction of the day. Your romantic atmosphere is filled with promises and surprises, and there'll be a constant flow of pleasant moments, sensual games and passionate glances.

As far as marriages go, passion will come around doubled up; you'll feel like you're on a first date, when madness ruled the roost. You'll develop your sense of humour because you'll want to make the other person smile, you'll shower them with attention, and will be constantly looking after their needs.

And here's an important pointer: if your relationship's at a crisis stage right now, you might be prone to sinking. Unless you learn to put a strong shared grip on the wheel of your ship, of course!

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Someone in your past could make you have a foul time at work this Monday; somebody will reveal a secret you'd rather keep hidden, or will remind you about that time you made a serious mistake.

You'll need to prove you're different now, with better focus and a clearer idea of where you're going.

In fact, if you've got stock investments at the moment, it's time to sell and get your money back, not caring if there's not too much profit afterwards. As far as everyday shopping goes, be a little smart, learn to haggle with sellers, and you'll get some interesting saves.


When you look into the mirror, you keep thinking about what you'd change in your body. You don't feel okay about yourself, and that's partly due to social networks, magazines, TV and other several media.

Some of you will start making calculations to get under the knife and undergo extreme surgery; others will consider starting on a diet.

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