Cancer Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, October 6, 2020: All your efforts shall be rewarded

Do you believe in yourself? Well, today's the day to prove it


Cancer, you refuse to see where you're going wrong and you'll always try to put the blame on someone else. Your critical thinking is sort of diluted, and you'll be the king of excuses. Can't you see you waste more time justifying yourself than doing things right?

Step on the break, because there's no stars watching your romantic goals, and some of them actually seem more interested in bothering you than protecting you.

As the day goes by you'll feel kind of misunderstood, like an alien lost on Earth, perhaps even an intruder in your own home. Try not to feel too down in the dumps, and avoid sticking your head deep into your shell if you can. Find the strength to fight.

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Do you believe in yourself? Well, today's the day to prove it more than ever before as far as work is concerned. You'll be exposed to your colleagues' opinion on how well you do your job, and they'll try to find your weak areas.

To avoid making it easy for them, you'll need to use your communication skills to promote those things that you do better than almost anyone, and while you're at it, hide away your Achilles' work heel.

You'll have to sell yourself like a commercial item, but every effort you make will be so much worth it.

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Your wellness status is quite good, honestly!  It'll be easy to see a big smile from ear to ear on your face that boosts your natural beauty.

You'll be a magnet for good vibrations, and you'll manage to send over that energy to someone around you who isn't at their best. You'll be the bubble of fresh air they need to keep swimming strong.

Watch your calcium intake, especially if you think you might have osteoporosis; you'll find natural sources of calcium in foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt and dairy products.