Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, November 6, 2020: Send your CV all over town

Tenderness and affection take over your skies in love


Cancer, you'll have an active, dynamic life,  and it'll be easy to be surrounded by smiles. Of course, you'll be the first one to show a big bright smile across the face.

Tenderness and affection take over your skies in love. You're in for a calm, all-clear Friday when you'll be able to do virtually anything you want. Thus, there's a good environment coming both for romantic and family relationships.

Conversations will flow naturally and you'll manage to bury the hatchet with close friends that you'd clashed with in complex issues such as politics or religion.

If you're single, you should take a perspective-based point of view towards your current situation; only then will love flow free.

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Watch out with your professional position;  the stars predict that you'll be strongly tempted by another company, and it looks like there's nothing but profits in the horizon.

Before quitting your current job, be very careful and make sure there's nothing hiding in the corner. Look for social network opinions; they might be trying to take your knowledge or contact network, and you won't be seeing any money get in the bank.

If you're unemployed, don't go by unnoticed; be creative, call the attention of any person you deem necessary to make progress, and send your CV flying all over town, and then all the way back.

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The skies encourage you to control addiction, and let's not even get started on cigarettes or anything of that sort. You could be strongly addicted to your phone, and in some cases, even beginning to turn into a workaholic.

Try to experience a Friday free from all strings and addictions, and while you're at it, lower down the expectations you've set on yourself.

You've got too much responsibility on your shoulders, and your personal nature stops you from delegating work onto others, but if you keep going that way, stress will make a grand, intense entrance.