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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, May 6, 2021: Don't expose your love life on social media

You'll give free range to whatever your heart says

❤️ Love

Cancer, the Magic Horoscope will help you set love as the highest priority.  As a result, you'll feel less materialistic than usual and you'll give free range to whatever your heart says.

You'll know you don't really need to expose your relationship on social media every single minute of every single day. To enjoy the purest of feelings, all it takes is a simple, nice hug. Just because your partner doesn't give you expensive gifts or gets you a trip somewhere doesn't mean you'll love them more.

If you're single, the stars will help you evolve. You'll be excited about trying out new things, and you'll see it's okay if you fall into temptation today and bite the forbidden fruit.

💰 Money

Professional relationships will be an easy affair, because they'll get enthusiastic and harmonious as far as your colleagues, partners and clients go. If you work by commission sales, you could actually get a nice extra bonus.

Try to be measured if you've recently moved on from a personal or financial crisis point, it's still early to call yourself a winner. However, you're on the right track.

Pay attention to the small things, perhaps there's a minor debt here and another one over there that you've got to pay off as soon as possible (including whatever interest rate might have been created, of course).

👩‍⚕️ Health

You feel like your doctor can't find what's wrong,  and you'll dare to self-medicate with pills or syrups following nothing but your own whim. This is real serious, and there's too many risks if you go over the appropriate dose, or if those medications have chemicals that might give you an allergic reaction.

In the same way, don't trust medications bought online without a prescription. There's no such thing as miracles, and the price to pay for a quick weight loss or muscle mass gain could be your very own health.

👍 Tip of the day

Don't trust rumours and ask for evidence before having an opinion

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Thursday, May 6 are 6, 87and 95.

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