The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, March 6, 2021: Respect every person's self and personality

Spend some time socialising with family


Cancer, you're willing to spend some time socialising with family,  doing things together with your partner, and just have an overall good time. But when you're around them, forget about your phone, computer or any other distractions available.

Respect every person's self and personality, and don't try to make people all around you follow your every rule. Listen to what they have to say, and don't force them to think and act like you, according to your moral code.

This is all essential for those of you who are single and on a date. You'll meet someone quite interesting, but you'll refuse to know them better out of prejudice that you decline to give up.

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You need to do something that breaks apart your career routine, that allows you to get some fresh air and meet new horizons. In that sense, consider improving your language knowledge, which is always useful and also culturally enriching.

At home, there's a pretty tight budget, and you'll have to do cuts in some areas; not because you can't afford them, but because of the emergency expenses that might come up (which they will).


Mild sport will do well on you,  as well as mental exercising. When was the last time you played chess?

Bring out your chef's hat, take over the meals that you'll cook around the house, and be fastidious about cleanliness around the stove and pots to avoid poisoning or allergic reactions.

Clean thoroughly every single pan and pot, make sure that fish and seafood are fresh to avoid poisoning, and wash and rinse fruit and vegetables well so that they don't have any dirt on them.

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