Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, June 6, 2020: Your optimism will be outstanding

You'll become one of the most social signs in the zodiac wheel this Saturday


Cancer, you'll become one of the most social signs  in the zodiac wheel this Saturday. From first thing in the morning, you'll feel like tightening the bonds that tie you to your friends, and you'll also want to meet new people who bring good things into your life. If you're single, perhaps even into your heart as well!

Despite it all, you feel okay right now. You don't want to force the situation of a more serious commitment, and you don't feel like having a controlling individual hanging around your life who analyses every single step and move you make. You need your part of freedom too!

Your optimism will be outstanding. You're more than ready to have some fun and you'll know how to convey and share your emotions with whoever comes across you. And if someone doesn't want to join you on the joyride, that's their loss.

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You'll start hearing about an interesting business venture,  which entails some serious travelling or moving around. Distance is not an issue for you, but remember that these kinds of events do imply a lot of spending, so you should start saving up!

Your main interest as of now is to improve your life quality and that of your family's, and that's why you've become a non-conforming employee. You just want the best (even though you can't exactly pinpoint what that is just yet).

Check your bank accounts to see if you've been returned some money you got overcharged, or whether you should start making a claim.


Give your throat its deserving attention.  Even if it's starting to get hot, don't drink too many cold drinks, and if you go out into the street, cover your neck with a scarf. If you can feel a strain, try to talk just enough to make yourself understood, and do some lemon honey gargles to feel your throat soothe itself.

You're better off staying home to let your body rest, no matter how hard your head's asking you to go out. Do some activities that boost a sense of balance between body and mind, such as meditation.