Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, July 6, 2020: Don't obsess over pursuing happiness

Sweetness and love will balance out your Monday


Cancer, sweetness and love will balance out your Monday,  a day when you want to become bolder and go beyond what you had imagined. If you want to ask your partner to marry you, there's no better chance. Should you even wait for the weekend to make it romantic? Who even said that?

It'll be super easy for you to find common likes and preferences with your partner. You'll find some new music bands together, or you'll have fun watching the latest hit show, and you'll talk the whole time through making predictions together.

In case you're single, the stars advise you to be cautious with the person you're trying to win over. They're showing a pretty nice side that will change as soon as you get serious.

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Focus on work and don't let anything or anyone get your mind off it. However, you've got an easy time at getting distracted, you'll be a bit absent-minded and won't do the job well (or at least at the level of proficiency you were expected to have).

Some of you will choose to go by unnoticed; only then your mistakes will be overlooked, and you'll avoid being told off later on.

Others will have issues with ego; you'll have an excessive need for acknowledgement, and it'll be then when your mishaps take centre stage. You need to believe in your own work harder and to try and enjoy yourself more. It's that simple.

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When doing exercise, make sure you warm up to avoid injuries. You've got a natural preference for sports, but aren't too fully acquainted with your limitations.

The most sensible areas today will be your mouth and neck; don't be taken off-guard by a toothache or a broken limb. And don't obsess over pursuing happiness the quick, easy way.