The sign of Cancer in half a purple circle

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, January 6, 2021: You'll bump into your soulmate

You'll regain double the passion you felt towards your partner


Cancer, your love life must go on just as happily as in the days before. You've got cheery, fun romance going on, and it just keeps surprising you as time goes by.

If you're single, you'll be quite lucky because you'll bump into the soulmate each of us have. All you need to do is pay attention to signs around you and not let the train that will lead you to passion escape from your station.

As far as married couples go, you'll regain double the passion you felt towards your partner, and you'll shower them with attention. However, control your jealousy and don't overwhelm your other half when looking for an explanation. They're so much more loyal than you could ever think.

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In order to make more money, you should think about how to make the most of your talent. Analyse your strengths and the benefits you can get if you boost them a little more.

If you've got a second part-time side job (such as caring for elders or doing minor house repairs, just to name a couple), you'll get some extra income, an amount of money you weren't expecting, which corresponds to a job well done.

You need to ignore the person around you who's trying to shatter your patience with unfortunate comments, and only then will the waters grow calm again. If you choose to play their game, you'll be the only sore loser at the end.


It's time to go back to your latest exercise routines, don't wait until Monday to go back. Today you'll have strong willpower up your sleeve. If you haven't been to a gym in months, you should start out with a mild intensity to avoid injuries from coming.

Why don't you try out new physical activities that you think are interesting? There's probably sports out there that have always kept your attention, but which you've never tried yourself.

In the same way, you can boost those hobbies that look more like a pastime than actual sport, such as table tennis.

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