Cancer Horoscope for Saturday

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, February 6, 2021: Politeness always works better than tyranny

There's many fun meet-ups and dates coming


Cancer, as the weekend comes along, there's many fun meet-ups and dates coming. You'll have a full schedule ahead, but few of the people you meet will give you what you're currently looking for.

Some of you will try hard, pull out all the stops and will want to see once more that currently special person. However, your blossoming romance won't deal well with the passing of time, according to the stars' predictions. Don't get too hopeful about them.

Today will be a bit of a harsh day for those of you who are currently going through divorce or separation. Your ex is ready and willing to drain your patience out through demands and bad manners.

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Your business relations will be pretty impolite,  especially if you need to work with colleagues you don't like (or with whom your chances to agree are slim to none, if you'd rather put it that way). Do you perceive them as a threat?

Perhaps you should change your point of view, try to be less demanding and more inspiring. Cheer people by your side, help them believe in themselves. Politeness always works better than tyranny.

And as far as your finances go, there's no serious issues coming, but there won't be any unexpected, life-saving money income either. Pay close attention to your jewellery and other valuables, because there could be a sly fox around you.


Everything's fine both physically and emotionally. This Saturday you can finally take a break and have fun if you don't need to work for the day. Turn your phone off and focus your efforts on your private life.

You'll know how to make the most of every moment, bringing out every inch of happiness underlying the small things. You'll feel like this Saturday is 28 hours long instead of 24, if not more. You'll also be all up for a healthy, vegetable-rich diet.

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